Full Cleaning and Re-Painting Facility

Full Cleaning and Re-Painting Facility

All components go through our rigorous cleaning process.

We have various pieces of equipment capable of cleaning all engine components, from a hot water pressure washer, to a hot water rotating machine, a blast cabinet and an ultra-sonic tank.

Furthermore, all remanufactured components are re-painted in the original manufacturer’s colour as standard.

Please note these are not stand-alone services and only apply when other works are being carried out.

Tel: 01225 336812 / Email info@hurleyengines.co.uk


Mowers & Grasscare

We can supply brand new machines of all makes and models including Hayter Lawn Mowers, Toro Grasscare Range and AL-KO Walk Behind Mowers

Grass Care Equipment Service & Repair

General Supply of Spare Parts for All Makes & Models of Grass Care and Construction Equipment, as well as Generator Sets and Special Application Machines

Engineering and Machine Shop

Engine Sales – New & Reconditioned, Engine Spares & Service Items and Recoil Thread Inserts, Taps & Tools